Thursday, May 23, 2013

Blodomloppet (10km), Uppsala 2013

"Don't get injured!", says Jon as the start gun fired in yesterday's Uppsala Blodomloppet. 3mins later he's stepping on my heel as we try and snake our way through masses of 'people traffic'.....but....with the aid of Niki's training, balance was restored quickly for both of us and no harm done as we laughed about it as we pass others on our way.

Unplanned, but uncanny, we started together and crossed the finish line together, pulling each other along as we made our way around the tight and narrow course. Did that show our competitive spirit as well as our team spirit?..probably. Every step outside of the line of the path and onto the grass had the thought of "don't get injured, don't twist an ankle" rushing through my head. I think Jon was again expecting to see Niki jumping out of a car somewhere along the route with motivating words of encouragement :)

We finished well and strong, it felt good, but for both a little slower than the previous year. I put that down to the amount of people to navigate around in the first 4km. The 2nd 5km was certainly faster than the 1st.

It was also so great to run with 13 other colleagues from GE Healthcare who all have their own little success story to tell. For some, an improved time, for others the achievement of finishing with little training in the tank. Whatever the reason, a fantastic way to spend a spring/summer's evening!

We quickly move on and continue to train after ticking off this box on another training opportunity. Form time, kayak training and Knivsta Duathlon these next 3 days and I know Niki will be on the course this Saturday, maybe it's Jon's turn to hang out of a car window this week!

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