Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Early morning when I wake up I look like Kiss but before the make up!

Briiiiiiiiiing! The sound of the alarm ringing at 05:30 this morning to wake me from my slumber. I must admit though, it's now so much easier to crawl from the bed when the sun is already streaming through the trees rather than in the depths of winter when the dark cloak and cold grips this part of the world.
Just an easy early morning workout in Form to kick-start the day whilst working through some of the days' work activities in my head. Personally find that some of my best thinking comes when's just  remembering all those good thoughts for action afterwards which is the challenge :)

It's now only 3 days to Göteborgsvarvet (21km / 13 miles) for me so just a light session to keep fresh and loose. how did this date creep up so fast?? The coming week will be a busy one with 3 events in 7days in Göteborg, Uppsala & Knivsta. Throw in a kayak session on the lake and some Form time and the rest will mostly be sleep, family and work.

When Niki asked us to think of threats last week, 'injury' was the obvious one which sprang out at us. Of course since then we've had more time to think and as Jon wrote yesterday after our run, 'Uppsala buses' are now added to that list. Last night another unthought of threat came to my mind. Whilst exploring some new MTB training/running routes with a neighbour, his MTB broke, the part holding the front wheel on the bike just snapped! Lucky it occurred on soft ground or a serious case of 'asphalt eczema' would have been on the cards. As it was, a soft but unexpected landing was made and we ended up on a walk through some of Knivsta's undergrowth wheeling and carrying the bikes. It's a timely reminder for us to ensure the bikes and kayaks are properly serviced before we head north and also that we carry some spare parts and swat up on some Bear Grylls survival tips :)

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