Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ending of a hard and exciting week and the beginning of the next

What a great 7 days which are now over and injury free. Starting with a Saturday half marathon in Göteborg, a Wednesday 10km Blodomloppet in Uppsala, Thursday core session at Form, Friday 9km kayaking on Valloxen and ending with a Saturday Knivsta Duathlon (5km run - 20km bike - 2,5km run). 'Race yourself fit' a good friend of mine used to say! Very pleased to come out of it all feeling strong, no injuries or colds (although pollen was pretty high on Saturday) to account for.

Had a great time in my first real Duathlon. The wind was strong, the temps were great and the experience was all new. I had no idea how to pace the race, having only bought the bike the week before and never having ridden it (was shown by the countless unwanted up and down shifting of gears at the wrong moments) I had no idea what it would feel like. I have to say I was very pleased with it all, despite being beaten by Niki AND someone in their 70s! The top guys have been doing these things for years and it showed, I can only aspire to being in the same shape as I get older :)
The kids also enjoyed their day with 2 running the 1,000m and the other the 500m. To see them giving their all and being able to cheer them on was great. I hope they enjoyed it enough to want to continue further, it's really important for them to be active and involved in sports.

So what of the week ahead? Apart from plenty of eat/drink/sleep, have 2 or 3 early morning core sessions & a couple of MTB rides slotted into a busy schedule. I also get to use my birthday present from last year of a personal coaching session at 'Running Sweden' on Friday together with a 3 month plan. Saturday, have a sammandrag with the girls Alsike IF F04 football team and then immediately after drive 3ish hours somewhere south of here for the annual family golf tournament on Sunday ....will be some relaxation time thrown in too (I hope).

Very much looking forward to the running coach to get some great tips on technique and hopefully how to go a bit quicker whilst being more efficient as once Åre is done, sights are already set on September for the Stockholm half marathon. Hopefully will also manage Lidingöloppet too, if training time and family commitments allow. At least the summer months have looooooong evenings and light mornings, so plenty of opportunities to train.....amongst the gardening and family activities of course, oh and some relaxation too I hope :)

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