Saturday, May 18, 2013

Göteborgsvarvet 2013

Not my favourite event but one which poses a different challenge year on year and one I'm always determined to try and overcome. 
It's never an event for me to try and be a hero and go for a pb time. The course contours and the wind puts that aside. My body also doesn't deal with heat very well...a good reason to be living in Sweden :) Today the forecast was partial sun...but...the full sun was beating down on Göteborg so it was going to be a very tough day if this wasn't approached correctly. The elite athletes even put in times 3mins slower than normal. 

So the goals for today:
#1 - finish under my own power on 2 legs with a smile! (many would not finish today)
#2 - run at a HR pace between 160-170bpm (with 2 events to come later in the week, protect the body)
#3 - conquer Götaälvbron (without thinking I would collapse)
#4 - conquer Avenyn & the last 5km strong

I achieved all those goals and more. Finishing time was not a factor today, hardly checked the time on the way around. It was all about training the body to work for long distance and for to relearn the vital body signs. My head was working as much as my legs today, firstly with mathematics trying to calculate the fluid consumption. About 3 litres of water and sport drink were consumed around the course, it was hot! Keeping a good 'English gentleman' posture with a stable core helped a lot too, as I got tired the mind kept reminding the body to behave. Many fell by the wayside through not drinking enough, the medical staff were kept busy. Best to be smart and finish than fail by being unwise (must be a Chinese proverb in there somewhere).
In an interesting twist to the day, at 16km on Avenyn, armageddon unleashed itself with thunder and lightening, high winds which sent the big metal barriers scattering and rain so hard my glasses acted as a shield. The road became an instant river, the crowds scattered for cover, huddled under the cover of bars, fleeing into shops and crowding into bus shelters....but it was heaven for me :) The air temp dropped considerably and the feeling of cool rain (albeit like a high pressure hose) was invigorating. It was a lift and for the first time ever I enjoyed those final kms. Feels so much better to be passing people at that stage than to feel like you're going backwards! 

This make it all worthwhile (the kids love them!)

Now to follow Niki's advice, drink, eat, rest and be ready for Wednesday. 

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