Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kayaking around Valloxen

So what did we learn from today's outing?
Well, several small details but useful reminders....pick a spray deck which fits the kayak before leaving the kit storage area.....spend time to properly adjust the rudder controls before putting the boat in the water....spend time adjusting the seat position before heading out (useful to have some tools handy & maybe some foam)....and finally...pick the kayak which is more stable :)
We also re-learnt what muscles are going to hurt after ~2.5hrs of sitting in the plastic tube paddling up and down Åresjön. It was certainly a very useful session and a re-familiarisation to life in a kayak again whilst admiring some of the fancier Knivsta houses from the lake. We each now know what body areas to train more in the coming weeks, we're also more determined to ensure we both dedicate enough time for the corrective functional training plan ahead. The core muscles will take a battering over 18km in the boat before the legs (quads and hamstrings) get their turn to burn!
We also both hope for calm waters and little wind :) ...whilst Jon is already working on the marginal gains of whether it's advantageous to 'draft' behind someone to ease the paddling burden! (It's the small details that count!) 

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