Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mosquito supper

Fun little tour on the MTB this evening taking in the evening sun and some differing terrain. Many things to note from tonight and chalk off as learning experiences and more small items to the list of things to remember come 4 weeks time.
#1.  Breathe through gritted teeth in the forest otherwise you get an unpleasant mosquito supper
#2.  Remember to pack antihistamine tablets as the mosquitos eat you alive! Plus, may prevent blocked nose from pollen thus avoiding #1
#3.  Check tensions on pedal clips and shoes. Avoids slow motion and ungraceful dismounts from the bike whilst frantically flapping feet about to become unclipped whilst really deep down knowing its a pointless exercise and just take the fall and the pain and try to rescue any pride you have left!
#4.  It's no fun to fall off because of #3
#5.  Bike shorts need replacing, no longer offer much in the way of padding (like an old pair of well worn jeans)
#6.  It's just great to be out in the nature!

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