Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Shall we do that too?"

These are the words that Niki asks you when what he really means is "Are you ready to get your butt kicked a little harder?" But he says it in such a polite way that you can't really help but answer yes. And when you're done, it's so worth it.

We met this morning at FORM to go through Phase 2 of my training plan, which is a lot more cardio-focused than my first plan. There's still a lot of core and muscle training in there, but my heart was really beating, and I was sweating like crazy! Then Niki mentioned that it's good to finish with the Tabata intervals, at which point he posed his polite challenge. (Which I of course accepted.)

I was wiped at the end of this hour, but what a rush for the rest of the day. I felt like I'd really accomplished something, which got me to thinking about one of my favorite books, One Man's Wilderness. For those who haven't read it, add it to your reading list. It's the true story of  man who flies to the middle of Alaska and lives for over a year by himself, building a cabin from trees that he cuts, and hunting and harvesting his own food. Here's one of his many observations about the modern world, and a good explanation of why a morning workout can be so rewarding:

"Needs? I guess that is what bothers so many folks. They keep expanding their needs until they are dependent on too many things and too many other people... I wonder how many things in the average American home could be eliminated if the question were asked, "Must I really have this?" I guess most of the extras are chalked up to comfort or saving time.
Funny thing about comfort - one man's comfort is another man's misery. Most people do't work hard enough physically anymore, and comfort is not easy to find. It is surprising how comfortable a hard bunk can be after you come down off a mountain."

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