Sunday, May 5, 2013

The journey begins.....

Since first driving across Northern Europe from Holland all the way up to Åre in 2002 & 2003 to compete in the Åre Extreme Challenge I vowed to compete again one day. Circumstances of course change, got married, started a family, job entailed considerable travelling, training time became more limited and then we decided upon a change of country in 2007 when we moved up to Alsike and expanded the family further. 
I began to train again though and slowly started to come back into shape....was a tough road! They say it often takes a shock to the system to refocus the mind and in 2011 was booked in to Form by my wife (Nina) to see Niki about a niggling problem with my back which I was just too lazy to resolve. Pressures of work and travel took precedence but she was right of course, when you struggle to put on your socks every morning, quality of life is diminished. 
So after a few sessions, my back was sorted, my mind refocused after some great discussions with Niki and I started to believe I could get back to the level of fitness I was when I turned 30 and competing in adventure races.
There are several half marathons, 10kms a couple of Vasastafettens and a Lidingöloppet behind me. My friend & colleague Jon and I had a discussion one day about seeing if this pair of aliens in Sweden could compete in the Åre Extreme Challenge this year. Well the decision was easily made, a goal was set and we began to train pretty much every week over the winter period running in the snow and ice of Uppsala. Our Swedish colleagues thought us mad, "it's too cold", "too windy", "too snowy", they said, but of course those were just excuses, not reasons to stay indoors.

So we now find ourselves in the Swedish spring with ice free roads and lakes, cleared pathways in the forest trails and a countdown to Åre ticking in the backs of our minds......let's adventure!

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