Friday, May 17, 2013

When your commute is your training

It can be hard to find time to train, but sometimes there are "synergistic effects" that play in one's favor. My normal drive to work takes about 20 minutes (well, 20 to work and 15 home) but today I combined my commute with cycling. Biking the 24 km to Uppsala takes an extra 25 minutes, but in a roundtrip I get 90 minutes of exercise by only investing an extra 50 minutes of my day. And it's not exactly like the traffic is a problem on the scenic roads between Knivsta and the industrial district (Boländerna) in Uppsala.

On another note, I have to agree with David about the difference that a PT can make in your training regime. Not only does a professional know where to help you focus, but they become that little voice of conscience that keeps you going when you start to feel the energy running out. The picture of Niki at Form seems to have captured his inner drill sergeant--he looks almost intimidating: 

and this is the mental image that I recall when I imagine him encouraging me to just push a little harder to get up that hill, rather than shifting into an easier gear. 

Today this whole thing really came to life when, 5 km from home, a car stopped on the road in front of me. And who's hanging out the driver's side window? None other than Niki! I mean a Personal Trainer is one thing, but he takes this coaching thing seriously! :-)

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