Sunday, June 2, 2013

Morning fog

'Take any opportunity to train' a good friend of mine always used to say. When you think of it, a pair of running shoes doesn't take up too much space and with your socks, shorts and shirt rolled into them you hardly notice. So I did just that! Fitting in the annual family golf tournament to a massively hectic schedule was a challenge but it's being pulled off.
I was awoken this morning a little after 6am by the sound of the green being cut next to my open bedroom window (primitive air-co in the accommodation!). So, it's early morning, I'm awake, the birds are chirping and I have my running shoes with me.....perfect time to fit in a short run to fully wake me up for the day and a chance to put into practice some of the key learning points I gleaned from Lisa McRae @ Running Sweden on Friday. 
What a great experience that PT was. Small tweaks to my technique and some key things to think about when running are hopefully going to help a lot. I know I'm a lot more aware of some of the things I do now which have been costing me both energy and time. My nemesis is the 'gradual incline' and now I know what I do instinctively and wrong! So it's just a case of 're-programming' the brain and being aware of it. The 'surfing' down the hill was just awesome and what a buzz to get it right and how it feels so different :)

Such a great way to start a Sunday morning on winding empty county lanes...
So now a short break before 18holes and  a +3hr drive back north and home again. 

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