Friday, June 7, 2013


We always spoke about how to fit in training whilst maintaining an active family life and demanding job. Well this morning was another (of many) early starts, 05:30 alarm clock, 'some' light breakfast and a 06:15 meet at the eljusspår in Knivsta. Plan ahead of us was to run the trails, do some hill work and then mountain bike until the clock struck 09:00 (when the bikes turned back into pumpkins and we'd promised to be home!). We could also add an additional activity of 'swat the mosquito' which burnt up considerably more calories, it was an added incentive to keep moving and don't rest too long on the hill work. 

Fantastic morning, great temps, little wind and the SUN was in the sky! Was great fun too which always helps. The whole day is now ahead to be used wisely, shower, breakfast and enjoy the summer :) oh, and go buy some new shorts as this training has reduced my waist so much they are all far too big now!!

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