Tuesday, June 18, 2013

T-minus 10days.....

I'd say we're pretty much on track for the 29th June and feeling relatively confident that we have done enough to get us through the challenge. Of course you could always have those niggling doubts, "have we run enough?", "should we have done more on the bikes?", but deep down I personally feel strong and mentally in good shape not to worry about this. The training plans Niki has had us both on really have helped, I feel ready to take on anything as feel in good shape with no niggles or aches anywhere. Of course we know this is gonna hurt and how we both handle the 7-8 or more hours of continuous exercise is really an unknown to us both. I can draw from past experience but that was 10yrs ago and the body has changed, Jon has tremendous willpower and I think we have worked out what makes us both tick and motivates us. The key thing to remember is really to eat and drink right throughout the race and remind each other of that fact. There's a reason why they say "an army marches on its stomach". Setting small goals throughout the period may help us.

Just another 4 days of training ahead before an advised rest for 6days for the 'super-compensation' to work (if we've timed it right), then spending the time planning what gear to take and how to handle the transitions and packing. We're doing this without a support crew so we need to ensure everything is packed and labeled for the transition from kayak to run and run to bike....plus ensure that our gear is left in a way that we can collect it all easily after the race....probably the worst thought is that we'll need to collect everything and strap the kayaks on the car roof directly after the race when really wanting a shower and some food!

So to probably our final mountain bike ride...
We took some 3hrs out on them this Sunday, getting more time in the saddle and getting used to the new grip of the tires and varying terrain. We started in eljusspår on the winding narrow track before hitting the gravel road up the east side of Lunsen. When the track stopped we tried the path the forest machine had forged only to encounter deep water and boggy terrain. Undeterred, we kept going dragging the bikes along until we came across a path leading into the nature reserve. Going was good for a while and a good challenge before we started encountering lots of roots and rocks where we spent much of the time getting on and off the bike and lifting it up and over boulders. Now we know where the upper body strength training is well used (and we thought it mainly for the kayak!). Eventually we picked our way to Sunnersta before returning by asphalt road back home. How handy that a small group of road cyclists passed us by on the way.....always up for a challenge, we dropped the hammer...what they didn't expect was to look around 5 or 6km further down the road to see 2 dirty mountain bikers tagged on behind them at 40km/hr smiling and chatting away :) thanks guys whoever you were, we had a fun ride home and with a little less effort than we would've exerted...plus we were both home on a time we had hoped (remember "train without guilt" from an earlier post?).

Took some great video footage which I'm sure will end up in a montage after we have completed Åre, no doubt my crash will be in there too...although we'll likely dub the laughter from us both at that moment :)

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