Saturday, June 22, 2013

Training is over...

This is a holiday weekend in Sweden (Midsummer) and as such Form is closed. So today I tried out the new Outdoor Gym (Utegym) in Knivsta. If you haven't tried it yet, I'd say it's worth a look. Not a full-on replacement for a trip to the gym, but if you're looking for a complete, basic strength training workout and want to be outdoors in the glorious sunshine, this is for you. There are 8 stations including leg press, chin ups,  horizontal pull ups, dips, bench press, lat pull down, sit ups and military press. You can vary what you do at each of these stations as well to focus on specific muscles, and each of the stations has two options for weight so that you can increase the resistance as your strength builds.

Alas, this trip to the elljusspår represents the last effort in what's been an enjoyable (and productive!) six weeks of training. Over the past three days, I've cycled 32 km (roundtrip to Sigtuna), and also run 10 km of hill training with my new poles. Now it's time to eat, rest and fuel the body for next Saturday in Åre.

As of today, the weather forecast is calling for 50F (10C) and rain. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that with 7 days left there's plenty of time for that to improve.

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