Monday, June 10, 2013

Valloxen by kayak

After a great session on the Friday morning, we had the opportunity to take the kayaks out once again on the Sunday afternoon. The weather looked awful, the skies were black, rumbling and full of rain awaiting to unleash itself. Holding a carbon rod in your hand whilst sitting in a plastic tube surrounded by water is not the place you'd rather be in a thunderstorm....but, the weather gods were shining on us and only a light dousing of rain was experienced, whilst the thunder kept its distance. We had envisioned floating about under the shelter of the E4 bridge for some time but fortunately that was not to be the case. Plan for the day was to draw a nice outline of Valloxen in the GPS tracker  and see how far the perimeter was by water. 14km for those of you who have always wondered!
We felt great, the earlier learning points were thought about and undertaken and a reminder of one to eat, drink, eat, drink.....was firmly cemented in the mind. The kayak section doesn't keep us awake at night, those 18km will be manageable. We'll have a final long session next weekend in the tubes and try and put everything we've worked out and learnt together into that session.

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