Monday, July 1, 2013

Home again and time for reflection

Back home again after a 7hr drive through the day. Sitting so long in the car you only realize how the body is starting to repair itself when you try and get out of the seat to take a stretch. It'll take us some days now to fully recover and reflect on the journey we embarked on and completed.....but it was never the end!

We'll take time now to reflect on the day, watch the videos from the GoPro,  savor those memories which made us laugh, wince, cry and huff and puff in defiance of the course. The memories are etched in the brain now and we'll make sure we get some of those moments in the blog soon along with video and photo footage we took both before & during the race and the preparations. It's hard to explain everything in words, so we hope the video (when we get the time to edit it all together) will tell the story. Will manage to get some screen grabs from the vids and explanations up soon though.

It was such a fantastic experience and despite the pain we went through at times pushing through niggles, cramps, falling, kicking the bike, kicking yourself, stomach issues, etc. it was one which will never be forgotten and only make us stronger and motivate us more to improve in certain areas we identified this weekend.

It's important now not to rush back too quickly into training but take it easy and start moving again slowly through the week before embarking on the next wave in preparation for events in August (Vasastafetten - 14km&15km legs), September (Stockholm half marathon 21km & Lidingöloppet 30km) & October (Raid Uppsala). Also a very important time to spend with the families.

A funny note....our wives both texted us at the end of yesterday with almost the same words but the same message, "well done guys, next year we'll be there to support you in person" ! That's great to inspire us but we'll need to wait a few weeks / months to decide if we do it again next year ;) ....or take on another similar challenge!

Finally, another big thanks to Niki at Form who pushed us on to get to a position where we could complete the race....but we keep on pushing :)

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