Friday, August 30, 2013

Back to Form

Training this summer has mostly consisted of running and a bit of road biking as the weather in Sweden has been incredibly nice. Leading up to Vasastafetten I've been following Runner's World's half marathon plan for intermediate runners and the work has paid off--I shaved 5 minutes and 4 seconds off of last year's time. But now RAID Uppsala is only 50 days away and it's time to get back into strength training, cycling and a bit of kayaking, so today I made a morning trip to Form to make a new run at Niki's functional core training program. By late June the program was getting easier, but it's amazing how much difference just 8 weeks can make as I really could feel the ache in my muscles as I walked across the campus at work during lunch.

Having the blog is a nice reminder of the work we did leading up to HÅEC 2013. We started training in earnest just 55 days before that event, and now here we are with 50 days left to our next multisport challenge. But the starting point is so much better this time and I'm confident that we'll have a significantly improved result to report after October 20.

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