Saturday, August 17, 2013

Still going strong!

We've been quiet on the blog since Åre Extreme but we're still going strong. Both had some vacation periods and time away from home but training has continued. With the next race only 7 days away we've both been concentrating on running. Vasastafetten looms, and with a 14.4km (Jon) leg and a 15.1km (David) stretch ahead of us, getting in some long runs on both the roads and in terrain has been our priority. It's also a start of a busy period again and a step up in training. It's been great to rest a little and enjoy the summer, but equally great to get outdoors and run, run, run! It's only 4 weeks until Stockholm half marathon (21km) and 6 weeks until Lindingöloppet (30km) with 9 weeks to RAID Uppsala where we seriously need to get some Orientering practice in and quick!

HÅEC registration opens this Wednesday lunchtime and we'll be hanging on the website to register for the 2014 race...nothing like signing up for some races well in advance and laying down some major goals for achievement in the coming 12 months :)

Train hard, have fun!

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