Friday, September 27, 2013

Lidingöloppet 30km - The world's largest cross-country race

Looking forward to tomorrow and the last big running race of the year, Lidingöloppet 30km. The world's largest cross-country race, with classes for everyone from juniors to veterans and distances from 4 to 30 km. 20,000 participants will run the 30km distance with 45,000 participants in total across the 3days of events.
  • Lidingöloppet - the world's largest crosscountry race, with classes for everyone from juniors to veterans and distances from 4 to 30 kThe most famous of all our races in Lidingöloppet is without a doubt the 30 km race. The course is hilly and crosses throu the beautiful surroundings on the island of Lidingö.
Lidingöloppet 30 km is a really tough physical challenge. To be able to run(or jog) the tough hilly course, you should ideally be in good shape, have stamina, and perhaps also a lot of willpower (well Team Form has the latter in abundance!)Lidingöloppet 30 km is a race with strong Swedish traditions and since 1971has been a part of the completion of a Swedish Classic (read more about A Swedish Classic on the official homepage »).
It is run on the island of Lidingö, North East of Stockholm through some beautiful terrain. It's a good place to go and train...note to self, must do that in 2014!

The track is undulating and hilly and if running 30km wasn't enough on a cross country course, the famous Abborrbacken comes 24km into the race (48m straight up) before another equally tough climb 3km from the finish. If you're not tired before then, you will definately be after!

The weather isn't looking too bad for the day, cloudy and 11C is better than being 22C and full sun, or 4C and raining for that matter :) Lets hope it stays that way.

I like the way some of these Swedish races add their own little bit of 'Swedishness' into them...not just a simple water control station but you can 'fika' in some of them too along the way (from 15km)!
At 30 km the start, Koltorp: Sports drinks and water.
24,5 km from the finish, Ekholmsnäs: Sports drinks and water.
20,5 km from the finish, Hustegaholm: Sports drinks and water.
15 km from the finish, Fågelöudde: Sports drink, water, buns, bananas and pickles.
9,9 km from the finish, Grönsta: Sports drink, water, buns, bananas and pickles.
6,3 km from the finish, Uddvägen; sports drink, water, blueberry soup, coffee, bananas, buns, cola and pickles.
3.0 km from the finish, Tyktorp; sports drink, water.

At the finish, Grönsta: Sports drink, water, buns, banana, blueberry soup, protein bars, pickles and coffee.

Train hard....race easy! (as if any race is easy ;) ) 

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