Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The threat of injury looms....

After staying away from playing football in the early part of the season to ensure I kept a good distance from an unwitting injury before HÅEC, I succumbed to my will to get out and play again now the autumn season is upon us. Was it a good idea? Well, no actually it wasn't :( 25mins into the game and feeling great, fit, enjoying the sprints and the competition (ok, my control was lousy!) my left calf muscle decided it had had enough and decided to put an abrubt end to my fun! The moment the stabbing pain hit, my brain had already gone into serious overdrive on what Nina would say, what Jon would say and how was I ever going to be able to compete in the 3 events in the coming 7 weeks alongside the real need to train.

I was feeling very low on Monday, the day after the event as well as pretty sore and unable to walk, it was more or less a shuffle. It's simply the most awful feeling for me to think about not being able to train or be active :(

BUT.....today I'm lifted once more after a visit to Niki at Form and some treatment on the pesky muscle. To hear the words "it's nothing to worry about, you haven't done any damage, it's just a spasm" were sweet music to my ears. So now I'm stretching, massaging & making sure I'm moving about and actually looking forward to Friday and a second treatment. Fingers crossed it works out and it's nothing more than a blip in training...it may even be a positive with an additional few days rest from running ahead of the half marathon on the 14th in Stockholm. If I don't make it then maybe Jon gets to test the course in my absence and I can scream and cheer from the side of the road....but to be honest...I'd rather compete than watch :)

Stay healthy!

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