Thursday, October 3, 2013

17 days and 14 teams to RAID Uppsala

Seventeen days left to RAID Uppsala and fourteen teams are currently signed up for the Herr Plus class which David and I will be competing in. Last year's winner, Team Silva, finished the competition in just over 6 hours and 33 minutes, but the second place team came in at just over 8 hours. Could we shave an hour off of our time in Åre and actually place in the top 3? Hard to say at this point given the fact that we have no idea where the course is, how tough the terrain will be, and what the weather conditions will entail. (I hope OK Linne sends out some information soon--we don't even know WHERE in Storvreta we are meeting!) One thing that's probably certain is that it is going to be cold. With morning temperatures already under zero C on a regular basis, I'm preparing for some serious layering in my clothing in case we are starting in sub-zero conditions and then competing in temperatures between 8-12C during the day. At least it won't be dark when we cross the finish line. The days are indeed getting shorter by the day, but we don't go onto Winter Time until October 26, so at least we know that we can leave the headlamps at home! 

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