Thursday, October 17, 2013

Study confirms that triathletes have a higher tolerance for pain

A recent study in the journal Pain reveals that triathletes have a higher tolerance for pain. The study compared casual athletes to triathletes in tests such as holding their hands in cold (11ÂșC) water until the pain was unbearable, or being exposed to ever increasing heat until they could no longer tolerate it. Both groups began to experience pain at the same time, but the triathletes could stand the pain longer. Why is this? One theory is that since triathletes are regularly exposed to pain during training and competitions, they become more accustomed to it. In other words, their brain-and-body chemistry adjust, making pain more bearable over time. Fascinating stuff.

Thanks to Emily Huddell (@emhuddell) who made me aware of this article via Twitter. 

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