Saturday, October 12, 2013

The advantage of getting up early

I mean... need we say more, or is a picture worth 1000 words? 

1ÂșC this morning as David and I pulled into the parking lot at Pepparkaksudden in Knivsta. The water was mirror glass still and there was a beautiful mist rising off the surface as the sun warmed Walloxen. Twenty minutes into our paddle around the lake, David said to me, "It can be hard to get up early in the morning, but moments like this make it so worth it." Amen to that. We saw herons, fish jumping, a couple of kids out learning how to paddle a rowboat as mom, dad and little brother looked on from the shore, and a couple out fishing. (Well he was fishing. She was sitting in a winter coat with the fur lined hood pulled up, not looking particularly happy to be sitting on a dock in the shade at 8:30 AM on a Saturday.) 

We covered 8 km this morning and the paddling muscles felt good. We practiced drafting techniques and swapping the leader position... this could be a handy skill next weekend at RAID and help us to save some critical energy for the later portions of the race. 

I can only hope that the weather next weekend will be half as nice as it's been so far this weekend.

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