Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Strength training a la Niki at Form

As I wrote two weeks ago, my goal for early winter is to focus on strength training. To get started, 10 days ago I spent an hour with Niki at Form to create a plan. (Having a plan is important, according to the folks at Niki had worked out a schedule divided into three days per week, with focus on different muscle groups for each day. Here's how it looks:

Monday:Chest, biceps and calves
ThursdayBack, shoulders and triceps
SaturdayLegs and core

The routines combine basic weight lifting exercises (bench press, leg press, tricep dips, etc.) and covers all the major muscle groups. They also include cardio at each session in the form of either intervals on the treadmill or skipping rope, which is good because I want to maintain my running at least to some extent over the winter. And the three day schedule allows me to continue with spinning classes on Wednesday mornings with Anna. (Mountain biking continues to be the area where David and I have the most to gain in our multisport competitions.)

As of today, I've completed a first pass on each routine. They take a total of under an hour and I'm recording my daily results using the JEFIT app for iOS. This app is really cool--it has 100s of exercises pre-programmed and even includes animations of how each should be done. You can record number of repetitions and weight for each set and it even includes rest timers to ensure that you keep a good heart rate during your workouts.

I'll be reporting back on results in the future.

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