Monday, November 4, 2013

Varför är Form det bästa gymmet i Knivsta? (Dagens anledning)

Or "Why is Form the best gym in Knivsta? (Today's reason)"

Today I was at Form doing some strength training and my last exercise of the evening was a killer that Niki calls "The Saw".* Just as I was starting my final set, Patrik (one of the trainers at Form) says to me out of nowhere, "You should try that with the TRX." I had no idea what he meant. (I thought I was misunderstanding something in Swedish.) Then he says, "Come on, I'll show you" and he takes a few minutes of his own time to teach me how to use a TRX strap to enhance this exercise by suspending my feet in the air. (I've embedded a clip below to show how this works.) The result was amazing and now I'm definitely adding this to my routine.

This is a perfect example of what makes Form such a great place to train. It's a real community of people who really want to help each other to achieve their best. Thanks to Patrik for really reminding me of this today.

Have you had a similar experience? Share it in the Comments section below.

*You start in a plank position with your forearms on a step and your feet on towel which is placed on the floor. Then you pull your legs in towards your chest, then extend your legs out and continue until your arms are nearly straight, repeat. Anna Lissjanis has photographed a variation of this on her blog, Trend o Träning.

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