Thursday, November 7, 2013

Winter training for multisport

If you've been following us on Twitter @TeamformSE (you are following us on Twitter, right?), then you know that I've been posting lots of links lately to various winter training plans.

On Monday I'm meeting with Niki at Form to work up a personalized plan for me. My goal is to focus on strength for the next three months, so that I get a bit more muscle on my body over the winter. Specifically, I have three areas I want to focus on: back & shoulder strength for paddling, stabilizer muscle strength in my ankles and knees to reduce the risk of injury during trail runs, and upper leg strength to improve my abilility to really turn on the power while mountain biking. 

In case you are not following us on Twitter, here's a link to one of the sites that has inspired this idea: 

You'll have to follow us on Twitter to see the rest! :-)

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