Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A month's worth of results

I previously wrote that my winter training goal is to add muscle mass to increase power and to reduce my risk of injury, and a month ago I met with Niki at Form to start a training plan which I described a month ago.  I've been carefully sticking to the plan now for a month, which means I've completed four days each as follows:

Monday:Chest, biceps and calves
ThursdayBack, shoulders and triceps
SaturdayLegs and core

I've also been carefully recording my weight and reps for each workout, using the Jefit app which I can highly recommend if you are doing any kind of weight training.

So... the question is: can you build muscle in one month? For me, the answer is clearly yes. Just look at this graph which shows the weight x repetitions progression for each exercise. 

On average, I've increased my weight x repetition score by 29% in just four weeks. My best improvement has been in close-hand push-ups, which I do 2 x max reps on Thursdays. On week 1, I had maxed out at 13 reps. By week 4, I was able to complete 20. 

I think that having a plan and sticking to it has been key to these results. Not only is the plan that Niki put together structured around specific muscle groups and easily achievable within an hour workout, but it also gives me a goal that I feel committed to. And it is varied enough that I don't get bored of doing the same stuff over and over. Another week with this plan and then next Wednesday I'm going to meet Niki to look at a phase 2 to start after Christmas. Until then, I hope I can keep these results going! 

How are you doing on your winter training goals? 

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