Wednesday, January 8, 2014

TRAINING: "A foggy cycle"

The new year didn't start too well for me being stuck down with some virus for a couple of days which I'd managed to avoid over Christmas. Still, rest is good too but after 4 or 5 days of relative inactivity I decided that as there's still no snow I may as well break out the MTB and explore the countryside, albeit foggy, +2C, wet and probably a bit slippery! It was "kill or cure" with this cold...

Took a 30km loop to explore some tracks I'd seen on Google maps and was interested to see what lay at the end of the marked trails....well, there were unmarked trails which were slippery, windy, and great fun! As the darkness was closing in I didn't want to head too far off into Lunsen on my own and get lost in the woods so played it safe and took some sensible options. Now was not the time to go exploring how to go west to east across Lunsen without a map!
After heading back onto the main road I saw some other unexplored tracks which at first were fast and fun but then turned into a mud bath (very much Åre like but not as deep mud!). Traction was low / non existent and the bike picked up a few extra kilos from the mud.We'll be back to explore these a little more in the future, both on bike and foot and see if we can work in some brick workouts.

Altitude reading from my Suunto Ambit 2S.

HR was a little elevated but I'll put that down to the remnants of the virus and the extra layers of clothing I had on to keep warm :) Interesting stat is the HR was highest when the altitude was lowest (around 1hr) and flat...all that mud!
Some other interesting stats tell me I burnt 1486kcal in the time I was on the bike. That's the equivalent of 6 mince pies or 7 slices of Christmas cake! or 59% of an average mans 2,500 kcal intake per day to maintain weight.

Back to normal training routines now...

Train smart!

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