Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mountain biking in February + Lidingö MTB course published

The unusually warm weather here in Sweden means that outdoor MTB training can already begin and over the past two weeks I've taken the opportunity to cycle to work twice. Cycling takes a bit longer than driving or commuting by train but the advantage is the fantastic scenery that you witness along the way, plus the peace and quiet which really gives you a chance to collect your thoughts and plan your day (on the way in) or wind down from the day and leave work behind you (on the way home). Here's a couple of pictures of the beautiful Uppsala landscape that I snapped this morning.

Getting an early opportunity to start racking up kilometers outdoors is fantastic this year, since several of our competitions are MTB specific--Lidingö MTB in May and CykelVasan 90 in August. Speaking of Lidingö MTB, today they published the course for this year's competition and they've managed to remove about 2 km of asphalt on the south end of the track which promises to be a huge lift for the competition. With two new hills--a tough climb and a thrilling downhill--the course now follows the back side of Larsberg with an epic view of Värtahamnen. The organizers are promising more trails and more water as the signature for 2014's competition.

The elevation profile for this year's course looks like lots of short up and down intervals; perfect for an spring competition.

A course map and more detailed description can be read on the Lidingö MTB course site. (Site is in Swedish.) 

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