Sunday, February 23, 2014


I've been wearing the SKINS TRI400 shorts for a couple of weeks now in all indoor training, spinning, running & CORE sessions. In summary they are some of the most comfortable cycling / running shorts I've ever worn.

SKINS triathlon compression clothing increases circulation, transporting oxygen to your muscles faster and improving the lactate shuttle for better performance and less pain. The tights wrap and support the key muscle groups reducing movement. This increases strength, control and balance and lowers the chance of injury and soft tissue damage. The foam provides excellent protection with a slim profile which is especially noticable when running as it eliminates friction. It's also very breathable so it transfers moisture quickly. The shorts feature carbon infused fabric panels between the thighs which SKINS say generate up to 40% less friction. I cannot validate the numerical data, but I can say there is certainly a positive effect felt. The fabric has been tested and proven to provide 50+ UV protection, something which may or may not prove useful in a Swedish summer :) but isn't so much a consideration during the winter months.

I haven't yet tested the sleeveless top with zip during training but have worn the garment to test the fit and feeling. First impression was there's not a lot of fabric there (!), it actually fits my 9yr old daughter as a regular fitting. But there's not the need for a load of unecessary fabric and the sizing guide on the website is spot on. The top sizing is based upon chest size, and a medium fits perfect. Same goes for the shorts, the sizing guide is excellent and is based upon height and weight, again, a medium fits me perfect. The feel of the fabric is nice and soft, not abrasive nor a little rigid like some other brands, it feels natural and the compression feels positive. When you're going to be wearing something for a number of hours across different disciplines that's a really important point for me. There's a rubber like band around the bottom of the sleeveless top which is designed to hold the garment in place. It's the same as on other models in the A400 range which really holds the top in place and prevents it from riding up your stomach and bunching fabric. The fabric also wicks moisture quickly from your body and drys relatively fast, I'm sure that will work even better when outdoors in warmer temperatures.

Both garments will be getting plenty of use during 2014 and I look forward to using them in warmer climes when it's time to break out the kayak and the MTB to the great outdoors.

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