Sunday, February 2, 2014

TRAINING: January 2014 review

It's been a good solid start to the beginning of the year for both of us. Jon has been focusing on his program from Form (or maybe he's preparing for the circus! see his previous post: Cross Fit training on gymnastic rings).

I've been spending my time with a mix of running, spinning, CORE, and generally mixing things up a lot as my January summary shows:
I spent my 24 moves and almost 23hrs of training in the following ways:
   9 Runs
   4 Spinning Classes
   4 Core Sessions
   3 Walks
   2 MTB (before the snow came!)
   1 Ski
   1 Ice skate
I'd actually like to get a few more walks into the program and maybe a lunchtime is the best place to fit those in and see some daylight !

It's been fun to mix things up, keeping things fresh and with 3 or 4 days feeling "not too clever" in weeks 1 & 5 (English for unwell) I'm pleased with how things have gone so far. At this time last year I'd managed only a few hours of training and a couple of runs. Will continue into February concentrating on building a solid base with which to kick off with some speed work and more intense intervals in March.
It's always nice to explore a number of new outdoor routes on the runs, always keen to add on a little more distance and variety each time, whether it be a lunchtime jog with Jon or a Sunday afternoon "hanging around for daughter" opportunity. Some of those areas of Uppsala I'd never had the pleasure of seeing before.

We've also both gone without any alcohol throughout the entire month and I can honestly say I've slept pretty well and my weight has remained low for this time of year. If you haven't seen Jon's Twitter post, some interesting information concerning Alcohol and training. "Så påverkar alkohol din träning" (Link is in Swedish)

And finally, last Friday, I had a scan at work which measured %fat, muscle mass, etc. as a company were visiting. I spent the entire afternoon smiling when they reported my metabolic age at only 28 and great values on both body fat and muscle mass :)

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Train smart!

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