Thursday, March 13, 2014

A strength plan for maintaining muscle during the running season

On Monday, I wrote about the results of winter strength training and the positive results I've seen in my early season running. But I also wrote that I want to maintain that muscle, even while prioritizing running during the week. Therefore, I've worked up a 1X / week strength routine composed of my favorites from a series of programs that Niki at Form developed for me. I tried to select a variety of exercises that target all major muscle groups, and that provide extra challenge for core muscles which are extremely important during extended competitions. I also tried to construct a routine which is doable within an hour. Yesterday I completed this for the 3rd time--in 1 hour and 6 minutes. (Close enough!)

Here are the exercises:

Warm up 
4 min run on treadmill at easy pace
20 push ups
20 squats

Strength sets
• Outward rotation in cablecross2 x 20-30 L/R6.25 kg
• Dips2 x 12-14
• Pull ups3 x max reps
• Two-arm dumbbell press on ball2 x 12-1628 kg
• Seated wide row2 x 12-1626 kg
• One arm lat pulldown with activated core2 x 8-12 L/R31 kg
• Military press on ball2 x 8-1216 kg
• TRX pike lift*3 x 8-12
• Back extensions2 x 20
• Leg extension1 x 12-1670 kg
• Leg curl1 x 12-1670 kg
• Double leg press1 x 12-16130 kg
• Single leg press2 x 12 L/R65 kg
• Calf press on smith machine3 x 12-1645 kg
• TRX plank crunch with body saw 2 x 10-15
• Side plank with hip lift1 x 20 L/R

Cool down
Row 1000+ m cool down

* Don't know what TRX pike lift is? I made a video yesterday as this is one of my new favorites.


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