Friday, March 28, 2014

Goals for premiarmilen

On Saturday, David and I will be running our first event of the 2014 season: premiarmilen in Stockholm. Although not a multisport event, premiermilen is a great way to kick off the competition season with a 10km run on djurgården. Historically, this race has often been run when there is still snow on the ground and temperatures are less than zero, but this year spring is in the air and the forecast is calling for temperatures north of 10ºC! 4200 people are signed up for the race which is a record in itself.

A month ago, we were discussing goals for this event and at that time a goal of 47 minutes seemed reasonable. But after revising my training plan to focus on running I've racked up nearly 150 km of runs in March and now I'm thinking that a goal of 44 minutes is realistic, with a stretch to finish the race in 42 minutes. Possible? I don't know. 4200 people starting a race always makes the start go a bit slowly, but if we manage a good start and don't burn out early than it might be achievable. Besides, I prefer to have an optimistic goal and miss than sandbag and succeed. In any case, sub-43 would be a PR for me and I'd be happy to say that I finished under the recommended time for those who are signed up for the "competition class".

Come back for a race report on Sunday!

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