Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Grown men swimming

Today Team Form Multisport hit the water at Fyrishov for our first lesson in an adult crawl course. David and I both have excellent form when swimming what former Olympian Gary Alison calls "the granny breaststroke". But when it comes to swimming a proper crawl, we are both pretty useless. So when earlier this year I found simbutiken.se was offering adult crawl courses, we decided to sign up, and tonight was the first lesson with instructor Anders Kroon.

Anders is a former competitive swimmer and an experienced instructor who has been teaching courses for more than 13 years. He got us started right away, first by practicing our swim strokes on land and then hopping into the water where we swam real (not granny) breaststroke for 200 m before then switching to exercises designed to improve our water-readiness. For example, performing underwater somersaults which will be useful when switching direction upon reaching the end of a lane. (This proved not so easy for me, as I repeatedly also turned 90ยบ in the water and ended up facing the guy standing to my right.) As promised, we even swam a proper crawl in the first lesson, completing a 25 m stretch at the end of the night.

The course was really a lot of fun--challenging and a great workout as well--and I'm already looking forward to next week. Even if swimming is not part of most multisport competitions (unless you fall out of your kayak!), it's fun to try something new. And who knows? Maybe a triathlon is a possibility in the future. Or as I said to David, maybe one day our knees will give out and swimming will prove to be a less high-impact way to maintain one's general fitness. My wife's grandmother is still swimming 2000 m / week at 80 years old!

If you're thinking about swimming a bit as part of a training program, Anders offers a free beginner's training plan online (link is in Swedish). 

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