Monday, April 21, 2014

A weekend of cycling -- the good, the bad and the ugly

David and I took advantage of the long Easter weekend and logged some extra miles on the bikes. Unfortunately, we weren't able to train together as David was away in Skövde, but this gave him a chance to explore some new trails and scenery which is never unwelcome. Lots of varied terrain with forest roads, asphalt, trails, single track, gravel, sand and stones. If you follow Team Form Multisport on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you've probably seen some of the cool photos David has posted. If not, here's a sample of a few pics from his two 30+ km rides:

As for me, I stuck to the Knivsta area and made a failed attempt on the mountain bike on Saturday which resulted in a broken rear derailleur hanger and a long road bike jaunt today which included a flip over the handlebars at 37 kph. More excitement than I've had in 50 km of biking in a long time. 

The mountain bike fiasco occurred when I hit a rock hard. At first I thought I'd broken the frame of my bike and I was literally already scanning the internet for a new bike when I got some valuable advice from the folks at Knivsta Cykel Klubb: "Just unscrew that broken piece and order a new one!" What? Um, OK. My 150 kr membership just paid for itself a hundred times over when I realized that it was just a 175 kr part that needed replacement--not an entire MTB!   

The road bike accident was a bit more serious. 15 km into my ride this morning I lost focus for a second on a downhill slope and touched the front brake lever on my bike. The bike twitched and I panicked, grabbing the brake lever as I tried to regain my balance. This resulted in the front tire instantly stopping, which sent me flying over the handlebars at 37 kph. Fortunately, I was out early and no cars were on the road--me and my bike were basically covering the entire paved surface. I got a nasty gash in my chin which required some Steri-Strips to close up, my X-Kross lenses got badly scratched, and my jacket and GripGrab Progel gloves got torn up. But I was lucky to have so much great gear on my body because it could have been a lot worse. My Rudy Project helmet kept my head completely safe. The gloves are torn but my hands are fine and the jacket is ripped but my arms and chest are ok. Material things can be replaced but body parts cannot and with Lidingö MTB just two weeks away and Åre only two months away, I don't want to fall victim to a sidelining injury. Lesson #1 to be learned here: keep your focus when riding. Lesson #2: If you're one of those crazy Swedes that I see every day biking around without a helmet, stop rolling the dice and go out and get yourself some head protection. 

Road rash

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