Friday, April 18, 2014

Training for Lidingö MTB

Lidingö MTB is just over two short weeks away and David and I have been busy focusing on cycle training since our satisfying finish at Premiärmilen. I've been cycling regularly following a century-ride training program which involves cycling every other day and mixing up strength, interval and training rides. I've been able to work in most of the rides as my commute to or from work, which is a big advantage in terms of finding time to train while still keeping the home and work fronts on track. Already in March I've racked up nearly 125 km. The great gear from our sponsors GripGrab and SKINS has really helped as some of the morning rides have been in temperatures well below 0ºC.

The "off" days off my plan include a day of core and a day of strength training, which of course I've been doing at Form. Core training has involved a return to some of the early plans that Niki put together for us around the same time last year, and for strength I've been following the "best of" weight lifting plan that I put together from a combination of other routines.

David has been following a very structured plan designed by Niki called "Styrketräning för cyklister". This plan includes 6 phases with different routines for each phase designed to improve strength, endurance and explosive power which are key to succeeding in mountain bike competitions where terrain is constantly changing in terms of ground condition and pitch. Check in with the folks at Form if you're a cyclist and want to know more about that plan.

In two weeks' time, we hope to be able to report back on some good finishing times for Lidingö. There are over 1300 people participating in this year's event which covers 62 km in some of the most striking terrain outside of Stockholm. There are plenty of places left in the event, so why not give it a try? If you're looking for inspiration, check out some of the cool photos from the 2013 Lidingö MTB event.

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