Saturday, May 3, 2014

12 hours to Lidingö MTB

If you are following us on Instagram (@TeamFormSE), you know that the anticipation of the season's first kayaking was well-fulfilled and we've been out twice on Walloxen over that past 10 days in some fantastic weather.

But in just over 12 hours, David and I will be at the start line for this season's 2nd competition--Lidingö MTB. 60 km of mixed terrain that we've both been training hard for over the past month.  Now everything is packed and all that's left is to get a good night's rest, show up on time, and compete! Good thing that David just read the race instructions carefully again and noted that we need to have a bell on our bikes...that's one of those "only in Sweden" things. :-)

Packed and ready for Lidingö. 

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