Thursday, June 26, 2014

Arrival in Åre for HÅEC 2014

After a long but enjoyable 7 hour drive north (and west), Team Form Multisport has arrived in Åre. It is much colder here than last year. It was only 8C when we arrived at 6:00 PM. David and I were in shorts and t-shirts last year, but this year it is long sleeve jumpers and winter hats. The weather for Saturday is looking dry, but it is going to be cold as well. 2C by the lake and -4C at the top of Åreskutan are the current forecasts for Saturday morning. 

With those temperatures, we may take advantage of the sauna and fireplace at the excellent apartment we've rented from Holiday Club. Last year we stayed in the main hotel, but this time we've rented one of the apartments next door and it is fantastic. We've got a wonderful view of the lake and mountain and the accommodations themselves are top notch. 

Tomorrow we'll take a quick ride on the final section of the MTB course called Getrappet, a windy downhill section that switchbacks down a steep face before dropping you into town. Then it's safety check and a stroll around town. We may even squeeze in a gondola ride to the top of Skutan to check out the snow situation. 

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