Monday, June 16, 2014

HÅEC "light"

Less than two weeks left before the start of Åre Extreme Challenge and yesterday David and I met to run a "mini" version in Knivsta. This was a good chance to practice the transition, hydration and nutrition techniques that we will need when up in Åre. There won't be a lot of physical gains made in two weeks, so now we need to be focusing on the mental stuff that can be just as important in a day-long event. 

We started with a 10 km paddle on Knivsta's beautiful Walloxen and then ran clockwise around the lake for 15 km run which included the trails behind Nova Park hotel and the long gravel roads in Ledinge. Then we jumped on our mountain bikes and rode 20 km out past Scottsila, including two passes of technical trails up in the woods near Uppsalaleden. 

All in all a great start to the day. We covered 45 km in just over 4 hours and we feel ready for Åre! 

Happy faces after our "light" version of HÅEC. 

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