Monday, January 5, 2015

REVIEW: Skins A200 Thermal

Don't let the weather stand between you and an outdoor workout!

The SKINS A200 thermal compression long tights & SKINS A200 thermal long sleeve compression top with zip mock neck have been my 'go to' gear throughout the autumn and now into the winter.

The fabric in both garments is twice as warm as SKINS standard fabric, giving you additional warmth when you train and compete in colder weather, ideal for the Swedish climate.

I've used them in a variety of scenarios and opportunities, walking, running, biking, kayaking, skating and even alpine skiing.

Weather you are highly active and sweat, i.e. running or simply want to keep warm whilst walking about outdoors, they fit the purpose perfectly. In temperatures of -5C and below though, I would recommend another layer of clothing between base and wind for wicking the moisture away from the base garment and keeping you warmer especially if you are prone to sweat more.

The A200 thermal gear is made from a scientifically advanced fabric, developed for SKINS to keep you warm out in the cold without overheating.

The fabric has excellent breath-ability and a soft feel against your skin. The brushed interior helps to release heat back to your body providing you a thermal advantage in cooler temperatures.

I'd advise you to size yourself exactly according to the size charts SKINS provide. I took a medium and although it feels snug, it is certainly not restricting in any way.

Combining SKINS scientifically proven compression technology with outstanding thermal properties, A200 thermal compression long tights & top will help your leg and upper body muscles perform better for longer whatever your sport.

There's no longer an excuse for not getting out and training when the mercury starts to drop!!

The tights feature a shaped crotch, and zigzag stitching at the ankle hems for strength and stretch. They also have a small internal pocket which is good enough for your house or car key but is a little small for a phone. They're easy to put on and take off. Personally I find there's nothing worse than having to perform a Houdini act to remove tights at the end of a long run and these certainly keep you free from that activity enabling you to hit the shower quicker.

The top features underarm ventilation and a silicone gripper at the waist to make sure everything stays in place...which it does! There's no riding up the body of the top, it stays perfectly in place. The neck zipper is also ideal to allow you to cool off some when you're really putting in the effort!

Whether you’re a dedicated sports freak or an active outdoors every weekend kinda person, there’s no need to let cold weather stand in your way.

A top tip to keep these smelling 'sweat free' is to rinse them off with clean water in the shower with you after a workout. In addition, I wash mine probably once after every 10-15 uses with a small amount of detergent in the washing machine on a delicates cycle. They smell as good as when I first took them out of the box and look as good too!

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Sizing charts:
SKINS A200 thermal compression long tights

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