Sunday, January 11, 2015

REVIEW: Skins RY400 mens long tights

"Recovery", something which many people ignore after a hard training session or a race then wake up the next day feeling sore and unable to train. Recovery is a very important part of our training and it's important to get it right, not enough and you won't train or perform at your best the next session or race.
Another of my go-to pieces of equipment throughout this year has been the RY400 series from SKINS. Wearing the RY400 men's long tights after training or competing has really helped to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and improved muscle recovery time which has meant I've been able to train again the next day with fresh legs rather than take a rest day.

I've never taken an ice bath (I don't consider rolling in the snow after a sauna counts) but this clothing is supposed to provide the similar effect. They really work! they make you feel more 'solid' after a long and hard training run, multisport competition or lifting session.

SKINS recommend to wear for at least 3 hours to get the best results. They're really comfortable, soft and offer a gradient compression in the all the right places. The waistband is not as firm/tight as the active range and they are very comfortable to sleep in or to wear under a pair of trousers or shorts in the daytime. There's even a pocket fly built in so you (as a man) can go pee easily (now that's attention to detail!). I have worn them many times whilst sleeping to speed up the body's natural recovery process and felt fresh the next morning.

They're not however the same as just wearing a pair of normal A400 compression tights for recovery. These feel much different (not as tight compression as a pair of A400 tights). SKINS research revealed compression needs whilst in the height of activity are different to when your muscles are in a relaxed state of recovery and these provide that different feel.
If you're in the market for a pair of recovery tights, then I can recommend you to make the investment in these to keep you feeling stronger for longer and enable you to get out and train more.

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