Sunday, December 6, 2015

"Bonus Passet" BOX - 6th December (David / Jon)

"Bonus passet" - BOX - Patrik

Today, part VI and a "Bonus passet" of BOX with Patrik for #TFMADVENT . This was one of those occasions when we had gambled on a bonus class being arranged, but had also planned in a "multisport brick" (row, run, bike) together just in case. True to ourselves, that idea also had a plan A & a plan B which were weather dependent (indoors / outdoors). Looking at the weather today, even though we have great gear from GripGrab and SKINS, any kind of indoor option was going to be the more favourable! So with BOX being arranged, we were able to train together with the added advantage of trying something totally new. When you have 2 driven individuals who don't give an inch with sport, this pushed us both to our limits in a really good way.
Unlike the other classes I have attended during the week where the participants seemed all to be regulars and knew exactly what they should be doing / which equipment they should get from the various stations around the room, this was different. Groups of 2 mingled around in anticipation of Patrik's arrival and his instructions on what you needed to take for the class. We picked up the necessary gear, each with gloves, a big blue pad and 2 small pads, then commenced on a warm-up consisting of running around in a circle to raise the pulse and prepare for the onslaught of exercises. I would issue a word of warning to any would-be burglar about Alsike and Knivsta should they come across any member of Patrik's class, they were fearsome!! :)  especially after being armed with some techniques of punching, pushing, elbowing, kneeing & straight legged kicking. "Kick like you're kicking down a door" said Patrik...I wondered how many of these folks go around Knivsta kicking down doors? But rest assured, if you need rescuing from a burning building and the fire brigade aren't around, I know 16 folks who can quite easily assist !!!
The exercises were tough, but really enjoyable. Jon and I were laughing A LOT as each of us took it in turn to punch, push, kick & elbow the big pad held by the other one. Punching and upper-cutting a pilates ball was something new for us both and when we both had to take a ball each and push against the other to drive them backwards, staring into each others eyes just made us crack up with laughter. The pulse was raised high, very high at times, the sweat was dripping off us both but it was a lot of fun. There was a lot of tabata type timing to the whole experience with short bursts of effort (some with next to no rest), but this was also inter spun with longer 2min exercises which really tired you out and drove you to your limit.
I cannot say it enough, but it was a really fun and tiring experience and having Patrik 'pepping' you all the time with his endless energy and constant smile helped you make it all the way through.

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