Monday, December 21, 2015

Cirkel - 21st December (David)

Cirkel - Niki
December 21st, the 355th day in the calendar & the shortest day of the year in the northern Hemisphere (it was dark just after 15:00 today!!). It was also the 21st day in the #TFMADVENT calendar and finally it was time for a group class with Niki. How could we have gone 21 days into this fun adventure without time with "coach Niki"?? Well we've been having so much fun with all the other 20 classes, it was really just a matter of time...
I've been on the sharp end of Niki's needles (pun intended!) and those menacing thumbs several times this year as he has ironed out several "niggles"... (verb - 'to cause slight but persistent annoyance, discomfort, or anxiety') my body, generally caused by pushing too hard or not paying myself enough attention. 

We've had a great multisport training and had the opportunity to race all together as a team of 3 back in April at "Rock the trail" (where those menacing thumbs came into play late in the race!). But this was probably the first group class of the year with him for me.
Warmly greeted with the words from him, "now I'm nervous you're here" we entered the room. There were more participants than had originally been planned so the ever resourceful Niki added 2, then 3 then 4 extra stations to accommodate all the happy and willing participants of this Christmas week and lunchtime class. Oozing with energy, he took us though the plan for the day, moving from station to station explaining what should be done at each. We had from my descriptive language :) swinging kettlebell lunges, step jumps to one foot, weight flys, ropes, kettlebell push-ups, spiders-web, spinning bike, squats with weight, sit-ups on a foam roller, slammers, squats on a  bosum ball, push-ups with pike on a foam roller, thrusters, cross-legged jumps, mountain climbers & lie-down rowing on a rope. Pheweee, 40 seconds of madness, 15 seconds rest, then do it all again before moving onto the next exercise.

We kicked off with an energizing warm-up, found a spot on the first item then whoooooooosh, off we went, building the pulse, dripping the sweat and loving every minute of it.
I've noticed that with cirkel training, you become totally oblivious to everyone else in the room, it's just you, 40 seconds and the activity at hand...or is that just me and my competitiveness leaking through again?
There's little rest between to think of anything else... however, at the time I did start thinking about the musical back drop and wished I'd remembered more of the tracks that were played. Unfortunately, one of those tracks did sound rather Benny Hill-esque and it is with that thought and with the annoying tune running through my head the past hours of the afternoon that I leave you with this brief explanation of today's class.....

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