Tuesday, December 1, 2015

CORE - 1st December (David)

Core - Carin

So December is here and we're off and running with our #TFMADVENT idea to attend a group training class at FORM every day during the Advent period. We've spent a lot of time in 'puzzling' in the classes to fit both our family & job situations and with the great help of Elisabeth we're scheduled into 20 different classes across the next 3 weeks (the final 4 days before Christmas the schedule will change so we'll handle those closer to the time :) ).

I had the pleasure to kick-off the month starting with CORE with Carin. Firstly, I have to admit I've never been a big fan of group classes in the past. With the exception of spinning, the last group class I attended was back in 1995. It was a step class and I went along with a friend who was 'less gifted with co-ordination'. I don't know if that put me off (it was quite hilarious to watch him fall over the step!) but I've always been one for training on my own or with a couple of persons in a multisport team.

So, how did tonight's class go? 

First, I met an old colleague whom I haven't seen in 18 months who told me how great the classes were and how much he enjoyed them. "Soma Move is something I should try," he said....well, that's fortunate, that's up for me tomorrow night! 

I followed what looked like 'seasoned veterans' of the class and grabbed my mat and weights and found a space in the middle of the room. There was a wide and diverse age range from teenagers to the more mature, men and women, so this was obviously something for everyone no matter your age or fitness level. I was clearly a novice, taking a quick look around, I realized no one had indoor trainers on...mine were quickly removed! The atmosphere was calm with anticipation of the start and we soon cracked into the 45 minute program which flowed really slick and smooth between all the different exercises. As time wore on, a chorus of grunts and groans accompanied Sam Smith's "I'm not the only one" as the toil on those core muscles began to tell. I had to smile at the "pissing dog" exercise and wondered what it must look like to someone not knowing what was going on, to see 38 people in a room all cocking their legs up like a dog! Really effective exercise though :)

I enjoyed EVERY minute of the experience and there's certainly a number of exercises which I'll take into my 'normal' training. In fact, I know I'll be back for this class again sometime in the new year!


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