Tuesday, December 15, 2015

EMOM - 15th December (Jon)

Patrik - EMOM

Part of the fun of our advent calendar concept this year is getting to try new things and tonight was really one of those moments for me. I was signed up for a class called "EMOM" which I had never been to before, and had no idea what it was about. I didn't google in the term EMOM in advance, or ask anyone what it was. All I knew going into tonight's class was that last night Christoffer had told me: "Oh that's going to be a real Christmas cracker after tonight", so I had some idea that it wasn't just a meditation class. 

I arrived at Form about 10 minutes before the class started and when I walked into the gym hall it was clear that some of the participants had showed up long before I had. They were gathering equipment including two steps, a weight bar, weights and some had mats as well. The participants in the class were mostly women--14 of the 18 participants--and I got the feeling that many were regulars as they seemed to know what they were up to. 

Patrik arrived just in time and got the class going right away. He announced that today we were focusing on legs and butts and then started in with some warm up exercises with the bar alone (no weights). I got the sense right away that posture and form (no pun intended) were key elements of this class. Then we jumped into the first exercise which was forward lunges with a loaded barbell on our shoulders. The goal was to do 8-12 repetitions (your choice) during a minute, then rest, and then repeat using the other leg at the start of the next minute. We did 5 sets per side for 10 sets total over 10 minutes. Then a short rest and then the next exercise: hip lifts with the barbell over your pelvis, your feet on one step and your shoulder blades resting on the other. Again we did 10 sets of 8-12 reps, one set per minute. Rest. Next exercise: Sumo squats with a loaded barbell. How many? You guessed it: 8-12 x 10 sets. How long? 10 minutes total. There was definitely a pattern emerging here. Then... side slide lunges (Patrik's name) in which you plant one foot, use a towel under the other foot to slide it out to one side, then press against the floor and pull your extended leg back in to standing position again. Finally, single-leg barbell straight leg deadlifts. Both of the last two exercises were 5 sets per side. 

This class was really different than the previous evening's Cirkel Puls. With fewer exercises and lot more repetitions, it was a lot more targeted and also required a lot more focus on proper form to really ensure that the right muscles were activating. My pulse wasn't nearly as high (max tonight was 156 bpm versus 172 bpm with Christoffer) but I found that I was a lot more mentally challenged as I tried to keep my knees over my feet during the sumo squats, and my core fully engaged during the hip lifts. Patrik was relatively quiet during this class and really just guided us through the exercises, providing tips on form and technique along the way. He also kept reminding us that it was our responsibility to get out of the class what we wanted/needed, and it was clear that this was a class that put a lot of responsibility on the participants to make it their own personal success. (The one common element with Cirkel Puls was the music--a second evening of working out to hard rock--although tonight the artists were slightly less obscure as I could pick out songs by Guns N Roses, Metallica and Rob Zombie.)

My goal tonight was to learn what EMOM was, and after an hour I certainly understood what it was all about. But what does it mean? I still didn't know, so I had to ask Patrik at the end: 

EMOM = Every Minute On the Minute

Intrigued? You can read some more about this interesting technique

Thanks Patrik! 

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