Thursday, December 24, 2015

God Jul - 24th December (David & Jon)

We've had a great time following all the various classes throughout advent, but we mustn't forget to thank Elisabeth who helped arrange all the bookings for us and kept us updated on any changes and extra activities which may occur. THANKS Elisabeth :)

We must also say a big THANKS to Niki & Anna for supporting us not only this past month but the past few years. You guys ROCK! you just need to decide on Åre :)

Finally a big THANKS to all the AWESOME Form personnel whom have taken the classes or stopped and chatted to us about what we were up to. It was fun to have met new faces and we really felt welcomed by you all.

We hope you've all enjoyed reading our thoughts this past month and will continue to pop-back and follow what we are up to throughout 2016. We're very much hoping to arrange some "Train with Team Form Multisport" days in the Spring where you can come and test out multisport. We'll have sessions for trail running and mountain biking and maybe some kayaking thrown in (when the water in Valloxen is a little warmer!). Keep your eyes out for details of those early in 2016.

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Here's a quick recap of all we have been up to this month....Train Fun!!

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