Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Korrektiv Funktionell Styrka - 23rd December (David)

Korrektiv Funktionell Styrka - Ellinor

Day 23 of #TFMADVENT and today it was not "Jedi Training", it was Korrektiv Funktionell Styrka or KFS for short. "Why would you think it was Jedi training?" you're maybe thinking.

I actually had no idea of what KFS was to entail this morning. I was however hoping it wasn't another round of circuit training as getting out of bed at 05:55am I was starting to feel the effects of 2 tough classes in a row, Niki's cirkel and Kasper's cirkelpuls. It's the day before Christmas Eve and at this early hour, just the four of us were signed up for the morning class, but it would be four who would not leave disappointed. We began by taking a wooden pole and my coffee deprived mind, admittedly not in it's fully functional state, just kept screaming "JEDI training, it's JEDI training!!". It turned out however not to be so. The pole was not to be used on the other participants and we were not to fly around the room using "The Force". It was to be used for the more 'normal' purpose of some warm-up twists! The music also told me this was not going to be a cardio pass, it was calm and of a medium volume, not a loud rendition of AC/DC Thunderstruck like yesterday!

Ellinor took us through some twists to loosen up the mid-section, then into some static lunges with the pole held tight vertically against your spine to ensure the optimal posture through the exercise.
If you haven't tried that, I'd advise you to give it a go...take a broom handle (or a lightsaber if you have one!) and try it out at home, it really makes you focus through the motion and engages the CORE.
We then laid on the yoga mat and focused on our breathing, deep into the belly then when breathing out tensing the part under the navel with a "Tssssssssssss" sound (that was a feature sound of the day). 

Lifting and holding our feet just 1 cm off the ground hit the spot after a while and it was that 'spot' that would be hit time after time in the remaining minutes. The pilates ball came into play rolling out to a near plank several times whilst focusing on posture before some 'spiderman', pike push-ups & finally some ball passing. These last ones are my favourite and make up a section of my "styrketräning för cyklister" program from Anna & Niki. They really make your CORE work hard and you certainly "feel the burn" after a couple of sets.

During the class Ellinor motivated you, walking around to make sure we all had the correct posture and pepping us with a "Heja Ho". This was the perfect class to have this morning and a great way to start the day. Knivsta folk...make your way down to Form for this early morning class, you will not leave disappointed.

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