Saturday, December 12, 2015

Lucia Fun Run - 12th December (Jon)

Today was one of those beautiful winter days when if you're going to train, you've got to be outside, so instead of my original plan of joining one of the morning classes at Form today, I bought a starting place in the Lucia Fun Run which was organized by Form in collaboration with FormTopp. This 5/10 km trail run started just outside of Form at 10 AM and attracted a lot of people--both kids and adults--some of whom arrived dressed in festive costumes to celebrate the Christmas season. There was a Santa, a Christmas present and even a Lucia stj√§rngosse at the starting line.

Gunnar described the course as best he could (basically just follow the marking tapes on the trees!) and then we were off, running as a group along the railroad tracks to the wastewater plant, along Upplandsleden through the forest in Angby, and then parting ways with the 5 km group running right and back to Form, while the rest of us running 10 km ran left, along another section of Upplandsleden south of Knivsta, and then back along the railroad tracks to arrive where we started.

It was great to be out with a happy group of runners, with the sun shining and the air feeling crisp and cold. This wasn't a competition; it was just a fun hour of running with others, without the prestige or stress of worrying about time or speed. In fact, it was basically a chance for people with a common interest to gather, say hello, and be part of something together. Winter in Sweden is cold and dark and because of this I often find myself wondering "Where did everyone go?" since during the November-February months it can feel like everyone goes into hibernation. Therefore it is great when local businesses & individuals organize something that gets people out their proverbial dens and forces them to be neighborly. I once wrote a post about the sense of community that Niki and Anna and the rest of the great personnel at Form create, and this was just another example of that.

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