Monday, December 7, 2015

Muskel - 7th December (David)

Muskel - Gunnar

Truth be told, a 05:50 alarm this morning was a tough one to think about mid-afternoon yesterday when my arms, chest & back were aching and sore after Patrik's BOX class. I wore a new Skins A200 top all day to try and minimise any DOMS which was likely to happen otherwise. Ideally, a RY400 top would have been better but I'm awaiting the new stock :). So onto Day VII of #TFMADVENT and it was time for "Muskel" (Muscle) with Gunnar. 
"Early to bed, early to rise". I hopped out of bed with the alarm, even surprising myself at how fresh I felt and how keen I was to get going. Having committed to this event, it really helps with the motivation. It was quite obviously dark this morning on the drive down to Form and a wonderful crescent moon was showing itself through a clear morning sky. Sleepily wandering into the exercise room, there were plenty of folks knowing what to do for this class and many familiar faces from earlier spinning classes. A step, a yoga mat, a barbell, some weights and a smile were all that were required for this...oh, and some energy of course. We were greeted by the ever energetic Gunnar who quickly imparted the knowledge that today was the 7th of December and that Angela & Angelika had their "namsdag" (nameday) today. Grattis to all you Angela's and Angelika's out there! Before cracking straight into a warm up of stepping, hopping and some arm and leg raises to get the pulse quickening and the blood flowing.
I've been to many of a spin class of Gunnar so was intrigued to find out the musical choice of the day. Well, I wasn't disappointed by the variety :) I have never worked out to Sean Banan 'Sean den f├Ârste Banan' or Katy Perry's "Roar" but I now have a tight association between the music and the class. We worked our way together through a series of lifts with weights, shoulder press, triceps curl, biceps curl, standing row, squats, lunges, plyometrics, hops, steps, etc. If you thought it hurt and wanted to quit, well take a look at Gunnar and keep going. He's an instructor who lives the exercises to the full together with you, no cutting corners, no missing a rep or two, he's right in there with you 100%. We ended with a series of core exercises and I'll call them "swimming exercises" (around chest & shoulders) with plenty of encouragement & motivation coming our way. 
What a great way to kick start the week.

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