Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Pilatesboll - 9th December (David)

Pilatesboll - Nadia

Day 9 of #TFMADVENT and a quick change of plan. Originally, Jon had planned to attend KFS (Korrektiv Funktionell Styrka) this morning, but last night it was unfortunately cancelled which meant a Plan B & then a Plan C. Fortunately, I could manage an evening class this evening which Jon couldn't, so a choice was made between us to book Pilatesboll with Nadia as this was not a class we had scheduled in the original plan. 
After a full and hectic schedule at work, I decided to travel direct from Uppsala to Form and left in good time....but with a long queue on the E4, it was rather looking like I was going to miss the class! Fortunately, I arrived with some minutes to spare but with some additional and unnecessary stress. 

Once again, I didn't know what to expect from a class. I've worked with a pilates ball a lot for CORE exercises in several training programs from Niki & Anna, the most recent being the "Strength training for cyclists" program I've been following, but this has always been as a compliment to a wider plan and not as part of a 1hr dedicated session.,. My class comrades today comprised of the widest age gap of any class I have attended so far, ranging from young teenage girls with their mums to people of pensionable age. I like to think I was a typically Swedish "lagom" in terms of my age in that spread :)
As mentioned in an earlier post (Yin-Yoga), I'm not one for relaxing or taking things easy or slowly, I generally need a fast pace (got some work to do on that to find a balance). So again this was a bit more mental in terms of it's calmness. However, as Gunnar says, "you get out what you put in", so I was all for putting in as much as I can in the way it was expected. In summary, it was calm, it was taxing at times, it really engaged the core, but I really only realized the true value of it 10-15mins after the class had finished and I was on my way home. 

I felt much more relaxed than when I arrived, my body HAD done some work and as said many times before, "you never regret the workouts you do", something is ALWAYS better than nothing.

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