Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Soma Move - 16th December (Jon)

Nadia - Soma Move

Two weeks ago David was at Soma Move and tonight it was my turn. Honestly, before we started our advent calendar, I thought Soma Move was some kind of dance class. But you can never judge a book by its cover, and tonight was evidence that old proverbs hold true. 

Some Move is certainly not dance. It's more like yoga on steroids. Like yoga, the only equipment required is a mat. You don't even need shoes to do this. In fact, you probably shouldn't have shoes. What you do need is a towel and a water bottle, because you are going to sweat. A lot. 

Nadia set the class (comprising 6 women and 2 men) to music that is like a soundtrack from a dramatic movie (think Gladiator or Lord of the Rings) and you proceed to do all kinds of exercises/poses which are named after animals. There was "the dog" (downward dog in English), the scorpion, the elephant, the spider and even the panther. All of these exercises are inter-dispersed with high and low intensity movements, but the key is to never stop moving during the entire 60 minutes. The only time you are still is in between sets, and then you are holding a plank position, which isn't exactly restful. Like last night's EMOM, this is a class where what you get out is directly proportional to what you put in.  

Even though this isn't the kind of class I normally attend, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Nadia is really positive and encouraging as the class goes on. Even when she announces "The Challenge of the Day" for the fourth time, or when she says "Just 4 sets left..." <pause> "...per side", you still can't help but like her. Plus she's right there with you doing the same exercise, so you really have no excuse not to hold that plank for just a few seconds more. Honestly, I couldn't believe how fast the hour went by!

It's undoubtedly a fantastic training method for developing strength, flexibility and balance. These are key elements in pretty much any sport, and probably most of us could use an extra Soma Move class in our schedules to help develop some of these foundational skills. 

Thanks Nadia! 

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